A man in UK explained in a video how he successfully treated his mother of coronavirus COVID-19 at home when his mother was tested positive to the deadly virus.

According to him, he basically used a blend of ginger, garlic and lemon to treat his mother. After three days, his mother became negative of the virus. Watch the video below:

Homemade treatment for Coronavirus COVID-19

Note: As at 13th of April, 2020, UK had total cases of COVID-19 of over 88,000 and total deaths of over 11,000. All the UK hospitals, medical facilities and personnel were overstretched. As a result, many people who tested positive to the virus without any serious symptoms were asked to go back home and self isolate.

As at 13th of April, 2020, total number of cases of COVID-19 in the world was over 1.9 million and total number of deaths was over 119,000 with both numbers still counting. Hospitals, medical facilities and personnel were overstretched in many countries of the world. Perhaps, the homemade treatment in the video might save some lives.

(Photo Credit: www.allodocteurs.fr)

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