This is a new Physics textbook titled “Calculations in Physics for College Students – Volume 2” for Science students.

It is majorly for Year 10 (SS1) to Year 12 (SS3) students. As the title suggests, the book contains strictly calculations in Physics for college students.

The book covers calculations in WAEC’s current senior secondary school Physics curriculum, calculations in all JAMB’s topics required for UTME, calculations in some Cambridge IGCSE topics, calculations in NECO’s entire current Physics curriculum and calculations in few Edexcel IGCSE topics.

All the relevant formulas needed for WAEC’s Physics curriculum, NECO’s Physics curriculum, JAMB’s Physics curriculum for UTME and Cambridge IGCSE Physics curriculum are included in the book.

This Volume 2 contains calculations in the following topics: Machines, Pressure in Fluids, The Gas Laws, Waves and Applications, Sound Waves, Linear, Area and Cubic Expansivities, Temperature and Its Measurement, Measurement of Heat Energy, Current Electricity and Capacitors.

In every topic in each chapter of the book, all possible calculations a student is likely to come across are solved as examples with detailed explanations. Some of the solved calculations are actually past Physics questions from WAEC, NECO, JAMB, IGCSE and Cambridge IGCSE and Edexcel IGCSE.

Immediately after the solved calculations, you would find exercise containing several practice questions for students to practice. These practice questions are majorly from WAEC, NECO, JAMB and Cambridge IGCSE. Students can later check the answers to the practice questions on the answer page.

Calculations in Physics for College Students

For enquiries, contact: (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or osospecial2015@yahoo.com

Volume 1 of the book is now available on Amazon:

PS: The author of the book is one of the best Physics educators in Nigeria for both Cambridge and Nigerian curricula. If you need any clarification on any of the questions, or if you need an online tutorial on Physics or Mathematics, you can contact the author through any of the following:(+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or osospecial2015@yahoo.com

Check the preview of the book below:


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