Annie Dookhan was a lab Chemist at the Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Boston, US. She was working with prosecutors to run drug tests on lab samples from suspects. She was responsible for wrongful convictions of over 20,000 people whom were imprisoned.

In order to impress the management so that she would be seen as the best staff, she started tampering with the lab samples.

To boost her ‘job performance’ and to ‘stand out’ from other staff members, she was adding illegal substance like cocaine to the lab samples from suspects. She successfully impressed the management with her rat race plans at the expense of the lives of thousands of innocent suspects.

It took at least 8 years before she was finally caught. Unfortunately, the damage had been done to many before she the truth was revealed.

Her only explanation for her actions when she was finally caught, was her drive to be the best in the company ahead of other staff members. She never considered the adverse consequences especially on the innocent suspects.

Hundreds of convictions were overturned after she was finally caught. Unfortunately, most of the victims won’t ever reclaim their normal lives. Some of the victims waited for over 10 years behind bars.

One of the victims convicted based on tampered evidence, Timothy Taylor, after he was exonorated said:

I’ve lost numerous family members. I was not allowed to go to the funerals while I was incarcerated. My blood brother and my uncles, and you know, my step-father…

The punishment was greater than anything you can ever think of. My education, since it was a drug crime, it’s going to stop my Pell grants, my federal, my FFA. I’m trying to get back in college… It affected that definitely. Employment, I was trying to, I can’t get a decent job paying good money to survive.

There are still people like Annie Dookhan everywhere in work places. In other to impress the management so that they can be seen as superior ahead of other staff members, they backbite and backstab their fellow colleagues before the management. They condemn the beautiful work of their fellow colleagues in the sight of the management all in a bid to get favours from the management.

Some of these “Annie Dookhans” give themselves beautiful names like ‘walking genius’, ‘liquid metal’, ‘talking genius’, and so on, to deceive the management of the company.

Nature has a way of revealing the truth. It’s just a matter of time. It’s only unfortunate that the damage would have been done before the truth is revealed, just like in the case of Annie Dookhan. Annie Dookhan was eventually caught and sent to prison.

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