Avicenna carried out an experiment to show the adverse effects of preoccupying one’s mind with negativity.

He got two healthy lambs and put them in separate cages. There was a form of demarcation between the two lambs. He also got a wolf in a cage and made it visible only to one of the two lambs. He started feeding the two lambs.

As the time went by, the lamb that was not seeing the wolf (lamb A) was lively. It was putting on weight and enjoying its life. The other lamb that was seeing the wolf (lamb B) started falling sick. After some months, it (lamb B) died.

What killed lamb B? The wolf didn’t kill the lamb. Many people around the world have died in the same manner. There are happy or feel good hormones in our bodies. These include dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. When you always preoccupy your mind with negativity, you mess up those happy hormones. Your negative mind would not make them function properly. 

When you preoccupy your mind with negativity, fear, etc, you would have intermittent release of andrenaline into your blood. Andrenaline makes your heart beat faster and increases your blood pressure. In the long run, you become hypertensive.

Also, the unnecessary intermittent increase of your blood sugar level due to your state of mind would eventually lead to hyperglycemia and you become diabetic. When all these conditions get to a certain level, the organs of the body would start packing up. This was what happened to the lamb that died. This is what is happening to many who have died in similar circumstances. 

So, stop preoccupying your mind with negativity and put your thrust in God. One of the factors that make mind not to have rest is engaging in what is wrong. ‘Conscience is an open wound; only the truth can heal.” Do the right things at all times so that you can have rest of mind. 

Don’t mess up your health. Don’t kill yourself!

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