Bullying is simply an aggressive use of force or threat to abuse, intimidate or dominate others. A person who bullies others is called a bully. Bullying is usually targeted at those who are weaker or have less power. Bullies usually bully others to subjugate them and force them to do something.

Bullying is a criminal act. In some cases, bullying is tantamount to armed robbery! Bullies are criminals themselves. They are empty barrels! A good person who is fulfilled in life would never bully his fellow human being. Act of bullying should not be tolerated in school settings at all. It should not be tolerated elsewhere as well.

If you are being bullied in school by anybody or a group of persons, make sure you report to the school authority. You can report to your class teacher, subject teacher(s), principal, head of school, director, or any adult around. The school authority should be able to put the situation under control. Don’t keep acts of bullying you’re suffering from, to yourself. Report! Don’t be disturbed by the bullying. Avoid the person(s) bullying you as much as possible. Put your mind at rest and face your studies.

Likewise, if you’re being bullied at home or elsewhere, make sure you report to your parents, guardians, elders in the community or any adult(s) around. Bullies don’t like them being reported so that they can continue with the criminal act. If they threaten you not to report them, don’t mind them! Report!

Anti-bullying measures should also be put in place to protect everyone in schools.

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