Caesarean Section is simply a medical procedure of using surgery to deliver a baby/babies from a pregnant woman. It involves creation of incision in the abdominal wall and uterus of the mother for the passage of the baby/babies. Caesarean section becomes necessary when a vagina delivery would put the baby, mother or both of them at risk.

Some of the reasons why caesarean section may become necessary include obstructed labour, high blood pressure, breech birth, multiple pregnancy (pregnancy with two or more babies), problems with the placenta or umbilical cord, etc. Imagine a baby in the womb weighing more than 5kg before delivery! Excessive consumption of processed energy foods (beverages) during pregnancy by the mother could lead to this.

Caesarean Section is there to really help the baby/babies and the mother. It is quite unfortunate that some of our religious leaders preach against it especially here in Africa. Below is one of the consequences of such actions of some of our religious leaders:

“This is completely heartbreaking! A pregnant woman has died because she heeded to her pastor’s words, who ordered her not to go for C-Section..
For starters, the Doctors told the woman that her baby was on the wrong side of the womb, and so for that he strongly advised her to go for C-section. But she told him she needed to confirm from her pastor. The Pastor prayed, and told her that she should never try a C-section because it is for Non-Christian, that she must give birth like the Hebrew Woman.. But sadly she lost her life, and the baby too..  so sad, her cousin shared the heartbreaking new on SM.”

Similarly, some of our religious leaders preach against blood transfusion to their followers. This has actually caused deaths of many of their followers!

Blood transfusion is simply a process in which blood donated by another person is injected into the body of a person who has lost so much blood as a result of injury or illness. Only persons with similar blood group and appropriate rhesus factor(s) can donate or receive blood from each other as shown in the chart below. Otherwise, the transfusion could be fatal!

Blood transfusion is there to save lives. It is also unfortunate that some of our religious leaders preach against it. Below is another terrible consequence of action of a man who refused blood transfusion for his pregnant wife simply because his religious leaders leaders preach against it:

It’s so unfortunate many have suffered similar fate. There have been many reported cases of some of our religious leaders telling their HIV positive followers to abandon their anti-retroviral drugs! The victims were told prayers would solve their problems. The victims ended up dying. So, let us learn to use our brains whenever we are wrongly advised by our religious leaders.

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