An endangered species is a species of plant or animal, with relatively small number, which is likely to go into extinction with time.

Many animals have gone into extinction. Some of the animals that have gone into extinction include dinosaur, mammoth, dodos, etc. Factors that can be responsible for the extinction of a species include hunting, destruction or pollution of habitat, disease, climate change, etc. Dinosaurs were completely destroyed by a combination of climate change and asteroid’s impacts.

We still have many endangered species in the world today, among both plants and animals. Some of the most endangered animals in the world today include:

  1. Mountain gorilla (880 of them. June 2017)
  2. Amur leopard  (57 of them. June 2017)
  3. Black rhinoceros (5000+ of them. 2017)
  4. Javan rhinoceros (61 of them. 2017)
  5. Ivory-billed woodpecker (1 to 49 of them. 2017)
  6. Nothern right whale (500+ of them. 2017)
  7. Etc.

If not for the conservation efforts of some organisations, some of the animals listed above would have gone into extinction! So, let’s protect the endangered species around us. They are beneficial to us either directly or indirectly.

(Photo Credits: animals-library.blogspot.com, pigeonchess.com, moddb.com, medium.com)

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