Meet Dowen College’s Team ACE for Conrad Challenge 2023/2024. The Team is working on eradication of alcohol-induced cancer premising its endeavour on the scientific confirmation that alcohol is a direct cause of cancer.

Alcoholic drinks

The ethanol in alcoholic drinks breaks down to acetaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Acetaldehyde is a toxic compound. This compound damages DNA and stops body cells from repairing the damage. This facilitates the growth of cancerous cells. In addition to this, alcohol also influences hormone levels, which can modify how cells grow and divide. It also causes direct tissue damage, thereby, increasing the absorption of other carcinogens.

The Team creates an app which provides awareness on the carcinogenic nature of alcohol, rehabilitation plans for alcohol-addicts and alternative sources of income for brewery workers.

The members of Team ACE are Oluwanifemi Adebara (Team leader), Tolulope Doherty, Ogunjobi Muizz, Owube Munachimso and Abagun Busayo. The Team’s coach is Mr Olaitan Shakiru, their Physics and Mathematics Teacher.

Watch the Team’s video for the semifinals of the challenge below.

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