Indiscriminate dumping of refuse in water bodies is bad. It has several adverse effects. One of the adverse effects is torture and killing of fishes and other water animals.

Most plastic waste materials are non-biodegradable. When the fishes and other water animals consume those plastic materials inadvertently, the plastic materials choke them to death sooner or later. Unfortunately, nature does not have a way of solving this problem for the aquatic lives. This problem causes a steady decline in the population, especially, of the endangered species among them. Some of the water animals that suffer from the plastic debris are dolphins, sharks, turtles, crabs, and sea birds, etc.

Fish and plastic pollution. Envrionmental problem – plastics contaminate seafood; Shutterstock

So, let’s stop the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in water bodies. Let’s protect and save the aquatic lives. Let’s make the Earth a better place. Watch the videos below:

(Photo Credits:,, Video Credits:, University of Bergen)

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